Caffè Borghetti

A Classic Italian Tradition

Caffè Borghetti, crafted from Ugo Borghetti’s original 1860 recipe, is the true espresso coffee liqueur. It was originally made to celebrate the inauguration of the famous Italian Pescara-Ancona railway line.  Aromatic, with a sweet, soft, enveloping taste, Caffè Borghetti has a rich and intense aroma and a pleasant aftertaste of espresso coffee, capable of conquering on every occasion. The product reflects the Italian traditions that have become the hallmark of our culture. 

Serving Suggestions

Caffè Borghetti is made with real Italian espresso and is a sweet liqueur that has been served at European cafes for over a century. Caffè Borghetti is a drink that can be enjoyed in many ways. Served at room temperature, it has a warm, round and harmonious taste and served chilled it is exquisitely refreshing.

White Russian 

1 ½ oz. Vodka 
½ oz. Caffè Borghetti
1 oz. Fresh Milk Cream

Fill a flat short tumbler with ice.
Pour 1 ½ oz. Crystal Head Vodka and ½ oz. Caffè Borghetti, and stir gently.
Using a spoon, top with the fresh milk cream previously cooled down and shaken.

Sambuca Irish

1 oz. Caffè Borghetti
1 oz. Sambuca Oro Borghetti 
1 oz. Teeling Small Batch

Pour 1 oz. Sambuca Oro Borghetti, 1 oz Caffè Borghetti and 1 oz Teeling Small Batch into a mixing glass.
Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail cup.

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