Our Values

Excellence is in our DNA.


The Fratelli Branca Distillerie motto, “Novare Serbando,” translates to “Preserve and Innovate”, our approach to preserving tradition while continuing to look to the future. We strive to harmoniously innovate as the market and our consumer changes while never forgetting the values that have served the Branca family since 1845. We follow the intuition of our founder, whose craftsmanship and formulas remain unchanged in the manufacturing of our products.

In addition to our Food Safety and Safety at Work Codes, we have developed a Code of Ethics to serve Branca USA as we evolve and expand. The code reflects our essential core values and company culture.

We think of our suppliers and stakeholders as valuable partners. We value transparency and awareness. Because of that, we share our company goals with all employees, ensuring that everyone has a clear vision of the purpose of their work. Everyone within the company works towards our unified goal of preserving and innovating Branca USA’s products and legacy, creating an environment of shared enthusiasm.


We pursue our founders dream: to respectfully and sustainably share a beautiful taste of Italy with the world.



Excellence is in our DNA. We transform high quality ingredients collected across four continents into a premium, yet accessible, products made in Milan, Italy. Throughout all that we do, we prioritize full respect of the environment, the community, and the consumer, thinking past profit.

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