Punt e Mes

A Legend in History

Punt e Mes was born one day in 1870 in the Carpano workshop, when a man in the throes of an intense conversation ordered vermouth with a half dose of Cinchona, using the expression "Punt e Mes." The new cocktail began being ordered using a gesture: lifting the thumb (a Punt) and then drawing a horizontal line in the air (Mes) with the outstretched hand.

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Punt e Mes is a vermouth known throughout the world for its ability to balance intriguing citrus notes typical of Carpano, the bitterness of bark from the cinchona tree, and absinthe. Punt e Mes is known for its dark red color and vermilion colored veins. Its scent includes the aromas of the Porto wine of Portugal, aromatic herbs, soft caramel, and cloves.

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Serving Suggestions

Punt e Mes can be enjoyed with ice, smooth, with soda water, or in a variety of cocktails.  It is the star of the original cocktail "MI-TO", a name and taste combining the cities of Milan and Turin in a single drink.


1 ¼ Punt e Mes
¼ Bitters

To prepare, fill a large tumbler with ice, pour 1 ¼ oz Punt e Mes, and 1 ¼ of Bitter and stir gently. 
For a particularly refreshing cocktail, simply add a spray of soda water, and garnish with an orange peel.

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