Stravecchio Branca

Unchanged for Over a Century

Enjoying Stravecchio Branca calls for a break, a second of reflection. This signature distillate has a warm and enveloping taste with complex woody notes of dried fruit. The secret? Fratelli Branca’s ability to take care of a product that reflects the knowledge of those who have produced it for over a hundred years.

Its taste and aroma remain unchanged thanks to the secret placed in the oak mother barrel. One of the most delicate phases of production, the amalgamation of different spirits are aged for a minimum of three and up to ten years.

Inside the Botte Madre (a wooden barrel kept in the Milan plant, one of the largest and oldest in Europe, is a symbol of the centuries-old tradition of the Branca Distilleries) there is a third of the amalgam, a peculiarity that has given life to the unique bouquet of Stravecchio Branca since 1888.

The Botte Madre, one of the largest and oldest distilling barrels in Europe.

Amber in color with golden reflections, the nose is intense, made of notes of vanilla. Its taste is full and soft with hints of dried fruit. Stravecchio is enjoyed smooth, with ice, in punch, or a cocktail. It is used in the "Sidecar", "Alexander" and signature cocktail "Dr. Ink ", first crafted by Filippo Sisti at the restaurant Carlo e Camilla in Milan.

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