Carpano Botanic Bitter

The Harmony of 10 Herbs in a Unique Bitter

The latest addition to the Carpano family, Botanic Bitter is created with the company’s over 230-year-long passion for quality without compromises. The harmonious richness of flavors convey the care and expertise in selecting and balancing 10 botanicals, infused with an artisanal method.

Discover the bright ruby-colored Carpano Botanic Bitter and dive into its unique taste, initially sweet, yet balanced with flavors of citrus and plantains, and with a hint of barley, fresh almonds and essential oils of orange peels not yet fully ripe.

It leaves an aftertaste of white turmeric, very similar to a delicate ginger infusion, which is followed by long notes of bitterness from myrrh and gentian. Delicate hints of cinchona create a pleasantly pungent finish.

Serving Suggestions


Mix the ingredients in a glass full of ice in the following order: Gin, Bitter, Carpano Classico. Garnish with an orange slice.


Mix in a glass full of ice in the following sequence: bitter, Antica Formula, sparkling wine. Garnish with an orange peel.

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