Carpano Classico

The Classic Italian Vermouth, with the Carpano character

The story begins in Turin, Italy in 1786 with herbalist Antonio Benedetto Carpano. Carpano invented the formula that gave birth to a new category of vermouth products by combining herbs and spices with muscat wine. Today, Carpano is an ingredient in many unique cocktails served in the most exclusive venues.

Carpano Classico was born in the 1900s and is a take on classic Italian Vermouth with the Carpano character. Firm, with hints of citrus, its bittersweet taste is perfectly balanced, thanks to fresh bitter orange peels and burnt sugar, giving it its particular amber color.

Carpano Classico remains true to its original recipe, with its spicy and citrusy notes harmonizing and complementing each other with aromas derived from wormwood. This makes this classic, balanced, Vermouth perfect for mixing.

With an amber red color and topaz veins, it is strong, warm, and rich in cardamom, honey, and cinnamon botanical notes. When you first taste Carpano Classico, the initial taste is sweet and fortified, later it evolves to spicy and vinous notes, ending with a lingering citrus finish.

Serving Suggestions

Smashed Carpano

1 ¼ oz of Carpano Classico
¼ of an orange
¼ of a fresh grapefruit
½ Tsp of brown sugar
1 splash of soda water

Dice the orange and grapefruit and put them in the glass.
Using a muddler, add the sugar.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in the Carpano Classico and the soda.
Gently stir from bottom to the top of the glass and add a mint sprig.

Carpano Spritz

1 ¼ oz Carpano Classico
1 ¼ oz Prosecco
1 splash of soda water
1 orange peel

Fill the glass with ice.
Pour in the ingredients and complete with a splash of soda water.
Gently stir with a spoon, garnishing with an orange peel.

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